Tuesday, February 15, 2011

log_file_analysis | DansGuardian Documentation Wiki

If you nevertheless find it necessary to analyze the Squid stub logs, the first issue that will occupy your attention will probably be that everything in the Squid log appears to originate from the same address, (“localhost” or “loopback”). This makes sense as in this environment all requests to Squid come from DansGuardian. You may desire to instead have the Squid logs point at the “real” originating IP rather than at DansGuardian.

To do this, you'll need to both 1) have DansGuardian forward the information to Squid (which would otherwise not even have the information and so of course not be able to display it), and 2) have Squid include the information in its logs.

To make 1) happen, set forwardedfor = on in dansguardian.conf. This will cause DansGuardian to add an X-Forwarded-For: header containing the IP address of the real originator to every web request it passes to Squid.

To make 2) happen is different for different releases of Squid, and will usually (but not always) happen by default. For Squid 2.5 and before, you must apply a source code patch and rebuild Squid. The source code patch is available on the DansGuardian website by clicking on “Extras and Add-Ons” and under the “3rd Party plugins and patches for squid” heading fetching “Patch for squid that makes it log the X-Forwarded-For IP”. For Squid 2.6 and 2.7, set log_uses_indirect_client on (which in turn requires something like follow_x_forwarded_for allow localhost) in squid.conf. (This is the default Squid configuration, so it may work without explicit settings.) For Squid 3.0, set forwarded_for on in squid.conf. (This is the default Squid configuration, so it may work without explicit settings.)

Note that as a side effect of these settings, in many cases Squid will send the X-Forwarded-For: header on to the actual website, thus exposing some of your internal IP addresses and possibly allowing websites to disentangle individual users. (You can prevent this in Squid 3.1 and later by specifying forwarded_for delete.) You may or may not decide that having the “real” origin IP address in the Squid logs is so important that it overrides any possible security and privacy concerns.

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