Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The fun that is SYSPRO licenses

Just cut-n-paste from google regarding a license issue and SYSPRO

Seems to only be accessible as cached page in google adding the info here so it doesn't get lost:

After I install the Syspro Client and run it for the first time, I get a dialog box from IMPCSC.EXE that reads:

"The license database for Net Express Application Server does not exist and is required to run your application.
If you have received a license with your applcation, install it using AppTrack."

Then, SysPro dies. sad.gif

I am seeking tips, trickhelp to get SysPro installed on this PC.


1. Go to the registry and locate the following:' HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Micro Focus\'
(to go to the registry click on Start > Run, and type Regedit)
2. Delete the 'ASLMF' key. (if it exists).
3. Go to the \syspro60\base folder see if there is a file called 'mfasdb'. If this file exists then delete it.
4. Go to Start > Run click on the Browse button.
5. Select 'Client.exe' located in the syspro60\base folder and click 'Open'.
6. Before clicking OK you need to add a switch '-register'. It should look like the following:
"C:\Program Files\SYSPRO60\base\CLIENT.EXE" –register (space - register)
7. After confirming the above, click on 'OK'. A window should display informing you that the Runtime License has been installed.


Lara said...

AWESOME!!!! Thanks :D :D :D

Gerry Poe said...


It has been a year since this issue. After the year has passed, I hope the Syspro is still A-Ok for you.



Mark Pretorius said...

Same error but this time on a server install.
Can you suggest why and how to fix this.

Jonathan Andrus said...

This worked! Thanks so much for this post!

jtpatil said...

Thank you very much! That worked for me.

Gerhardt Coetzee said...

Hi, I need some help please. If i follow and register these steps, i get an error :
"Unable to register runtime "prodfile is missing" If i browse i can find the prodfile in my base folder.
Any suggestions would be great.